BJC Statement on January 6

Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty (BJC) is a faith-based education and advocacy organization devoted to the protection of faith freedom for all people. From its headquarters on Capitol Hill, BJC has worked for more than eight decades in support of the Constitution and other laws that protect religious freedom for all.

We take seriously the teaching of Jesus to let our “yes” mean “yes” and our “no” mean “no” (Matthew 5:37). At this time of crisis for our country — when the value of truth itself is in serious jeopardy — we are compelled to speak the truth as a sign of our love for God and our love for our neighbors. While Americans and people of faith can disagree in good faith on policy and theological issues, we believe the following statements to be true:

  • Joe Biden won the presidency in a free and fair election, and the results have been rigorously vetted. Claims to the contrary are utterly false and without support, as dozens of courts found in legal challenges brought to them. The failure to repudiate lies that suggested that the election was fraudulent led directly to the deadly events at the Capitol last week.

We remain committed to the core values that have sustained BJC — telling the truth, refraining from the demonization of those with whom we have honest disagreements, proceeding in a posture of humility, love and mercy, and protecting our neighbors’ faith freedom as we would our own.

Visit our website to learn more about BJC.



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